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Alfresco Stockholm Meetup – Release of Manual Manager

may 07 2013

Categories : Announcements, Products and Add-ons

On Monday the 6 may the first Alfresco Meetup in Sweden was held in Stockholm. It was a great event with good speakers, Carl Nordenfelt (Redpill Linpro) told about Alfresco best practices, Barbara Lemke (Alfresco) showed Alfresco Workdesk, Jeff Potts talked about the Alfresco API, the one you can use to make your applications Alfresco Cloud aware.

And I also did a talk about Media Viewers and demoed PdfJs and the Embed viewer (read more about them here). In preparing this speak I used reveal.js, a tool to make html presentations. And it also supports using markdown syntax. Wouldn’t it be possible to use the Alfresco add-on Manual Manager I had created to author the slides?

Well I added this.
Manual Manager slideshow
Using that menu option your current topic page will become first slide. All subtopics will be the following slides (navigating your slide deck right/left). Each of those subtopics that has childs will also become slides (the up/down navigation in reveal.js).
All with selectable theme and transitions.

Full introduction to the Manual Manager here. Lots of features, check the video in that post out.

And I hope more people will use this tool. I’m now releasing it as open source. It is now available at github!