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Alfresco Ubuntu install script

aug 06 2013

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I have created a script that will help you set up an Alfresco server instance with all necessary third party components.
Some will be installed via Ubuntu packages, some directly downloaded. The script will walk you through the process. In the end, there will be some manual tasks to complete the installation.

Alfresco does have installers for Linux, and you may be better off with using those installers if you just want to do a quick test install. However, if you intend to run Alfresco in production, this script can help you both with the install, and by examining what the script does, learn what components are involved running an Alfresco instance. Any Alfresco administrator will have to learn that if you intend to use Alfresco in production.

The script can be found here

There is an extensive readme there, here are some highlights of features:

  • Uses Ubuntu upstart to start/stop tomcat (and tomcat is the latest version from
  • Option to install Nginx as front end. I have added defaults in the config for proxying, caching of /share/res/ resources, ssl, spdy support, Sharepoint addon proxying.
  • Installs latest LibreOffice for better transformation support
  • Support scripts that will help you manage your server

I created this script since I realised that I repeated these same steps every time I install an Alfresco server for a customer. Since it is so repetitive, I thought I might as well script it. And now share it with you.
My tests have been with Ubuntu 12.04, I recommend at least this version, but the install script will probably work with later versions as well.