Alfresco and ECM

Hyland Nordics Forum in Stockholm

may 10 2024

Categories : Announcements

On 22 May, Hyland (The company which bought Alfresco) is hosting its first ever Nordics Forum for customers, partners, and prospects in the region. The forum will dive into Hyland’s latest solutions and capabilities, including intelligent document capture and processing, digital asset management, and key line of business integrations – all powered by the transformative potential of generative AI and industry-leading cloud architecture.

According to the announcement, here’s a list of things what attendees can expect:

• Live technology demonstrations of the latest Hyland innovations.

• Cutting-edge use cases presented by Hyland customers.

• Networking opportunities with Hyland product specialists and peers.

As Loftux AB and specialists for Alfresco, we are hoping to be there. Please feel free to talk to us during the event or just contact us using our email  

Read more on the event on the official announcement: