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Touchpad client for Alfresco based on jQuery Mobile

jan 27 2011

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As many others did this christmas I got myself an iPad. And what better use could have of your Touchpad than browse your document repository with it?
Alfresco Share isn’t really Touchpad friendly, and the beta Mobile client Alfresco did hasn’t been updated for the latest versions. My guess is Alfresco will release something more touchpad/mobile friendly, but why wait?

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Previews of Outlook MSG files

dec 16 2010

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Here is a quick tip for getting previews if you store Microsoft Outlook msg format files in Alfresco Share. By default it creates no previews, but all it takes is a little configuration, supporting transformers are already in place.

Create a file in tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension and name it msg-preview-context.xml, with content

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Give me a Space

dec 07 2007

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