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See you in London!

oct 01 2014

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2014 has been an exciting year for Loftux AB so far.

To update you with the latest, we have been developing more on top of our open-source based add-on portfolio. We’ve built gorgeous and useful add-ons to complement the simple functionalities already being provided by Alfresco. We are also proud of being one of the few companies to provide the latest features in Alfresco the next day they are committed to the SVN from Alfresco.

Along with many Alfresco Developers and Partners, Loftux AB will be in London next week and we have some things you might be interested in talking about.

We would also have a demo or two ready if you like to have a sneak peek :-)

A list of products and add-ons

  • Alfresco Loftux Builds - A regularly updated community build of Alfresco which fixes certain minor annoyances and provides a guarantee to run.
  • Alfresco Add-ons
  • Alfresco Manual Manager - A manual management add-on for Alfresco which uses mark-down for editing and lots of wonderful editing features.
  • Alfresco Contract Management - Manage Business Contracts.
  • ShareBox for Alfresco - Alfresco external sharing add-on. Make Alfresco work like DropBox or for secure external collaboration with expiry dates and nicer user interfaces.
  • Enhanced Form Controls for Alfresco - Better tag selectors and drop downs for Alfresco.
  • Alfresco Share Custom Themes - Make your default Alfresco look a thing of the past with our Share custom themes add-on.
  • Alfresco Custom Header Navigation - Add custom navigation controls to Alfresco Share.
  • Alfresco Reset Password Add-on - Bring the much-needed ability for resetting passwords by end-users.
  • Alfresco Enhanced Viewers - Better pdf.js and custom viewers.

We also plan on making a major announcement during the Summit for Alfresco Enterprise and Community customers, and we promise that you would not be disappointed.

All our add-ons and solutions are built on Alfresco Community edition, but they work nicely with Alfresco Enterprise too. Also, we would gladly welcome any Enterprise partner who wants to include these add-ons in their solutions offerings.

Technical Discussions

  • How we use continuous integration with our Alfresco builds and add-ons.
  • How additional JVM programming languages such as Groovy and Scala are being used in our projects.
  • How we use Alfresco Maven SDK in development.
  • How we ensure the reliability is maintained for Alfresco Community Edition.
  • How we integrate Alfresco with other systems.
  • How we take part in Alfresco Community process and IRC!

Please feel free to talk to us during the Summit next week in London. Of course, we would love to hear from you about what you’re doing too.

We very much look forward to meeting each of you.

Bhagya Silva
Software Architect
Loftux AB