Alfresco Add‑ons

The best designed and built add-ons for Alfresco.

Add-on: Alfresco 2FA

Get the best industry standard in authentication security for your Alfresco installation.

Add-on: Zoomable for Alfresco

View high-resolution images in astonishing detail and without any delay. It's simply the best image previewing component for Alfresco.

Add-on: Alfresco ShareBox

Bring powerful and secure external collaboration capabilities to your Alfresco document management installation.

Add-on: Reset Password Add-on for Alfresco

The missing reset password capability for Alfresco. This add-on brings best practises in terms of security when resetting passwords and helps your organisation with security compliance regulations.

Add-on: Alfresco Contract Management Module

Contract Management module for Alfresco is built for managing thousands of contracts with ease. Already being used by many customers, contract management helps your organisation stay valid.

Add-on: Share Themes Pack for Alfresco

More than 14 Bootswatch based beautiful themes for Alfresco. The only theme pack available for Alfresco that makes users and customers love Alfresco.

Add-on: Permission Label for Alfresco

Displays a permission label displaying the role assigned for the current user for items listed in the document library.

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