Say goodbye to old intranets and say hello to the better one.

Build an Intranet with the help of Alfresco. You can create the information online with a built-in editor so that your content editor doesn't require any knowledge of html. With Alfresco you can aggregate the information from external resources, not just document-related information. You don't need a classical CMS to build an intranet, you need an information management platform.

Smart Intranet

A simple intranet will be a static web page with just a lot of links to various content sources. You can probably do that with a standard CMS system. But what you need is a Smart Intranet that aggregates contents as it is created and present that to the visting user.

This is what Alfresco can do for you. Smart user dashboards will show the content that has been added, updated, removed, commented and so on. You build your start page with dashlets, the components that makes up the dashboard page, that aggregates and presents news and content from internal or external resources. But different users need different information displayed to them. This is why Alfresco lets users customize their own dashboard to suit their needs.

But technology isn't everything. A Smart Intranet will require some planning and basic structure. We will help you set up the document structure so that the content you create will be stored in the most efficient way for your users to later find relevant content. And we will help you with the basic training for your users to get a quick start.

If you want more information or want us to set up a demo site for you, please contact us!