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Together with iniQ we can offer safe and secure solutions for managing and hosting your Alfresco installation. By running your Alfresco installation in the datacenter we can offer via partner iniQ you do not have to worry about monitoring andb backups and can rest assure your data is safe.


DGCloud offers information and enterprise content management solutions for the South American market.

Hoff Lindahl Organisationsutveckling AB

Together with Hoff Lindahl Organisationsutveckling AB we can offer more advanced business and information analysis, and advanced project management for larger projects.

Redpill Linpro

Together with Redpill Linpro we can offer support on Alfresco Enterprise edition. Redpill Linpro can also offer other open source based solutions and product such as SugarCRM, Redhat JBoss and Zimbra.


Viditeck is the company behind a new logic based technology called Rubble, “Rule-Based Bivalent Logic Engine”. Rubble brings logic programming concepts into the world of business software where existing business rule engines were taking the wrong approach, using reactive rules instead of logic.

Loftux has worked with Viditeck to bring a new kind of workflow to market for use with Alfresco based on the Rubble engine.

Oracle (discontinued)

Loftux AB was an Oracle Gold Partner in 2015-2016. 

With our Oracle partnership, we were able to offer you a greater choice of solutions to fit any size of business. Furthermore, our solutions are also available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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