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Alfresco Community

Alfresco Community edition is the base in most of our solutions. We have a large number of customers that today runs Alfresco Community edition and to secure a safe and stable production environment we continuously work with improvements and bug fixes for Alfresco. The version we use is at the core the same version that Alfresco has officially release, but constantly monitor and add patches that becomes available, and extend the core functionality when suitable. Our version is always compatible with the same Alfresco version, so you can always switch.

Our changes are available at

Moving away from Alfresco Enterprise?

Looking for migrating from Alfresco Enterprise to a supported stack with a lesser cost? Look no further.

Top reasons why customers move away from Alfresco Enterprise

  • Increased cost of Alfresco One (Enterprise) license
  • Licensing per server core, unable to scale without additional licenses
  • Required purchase of separate components such as the Search server and the Transformations Server
  • Support requiring infrastructure knowledge
  • Slower search results and errors in search indexes with older search servers
  • Expensive support agreements and installation costs

While we believe Alfresco One/Enterprise is a good fit for many organizations, we understand if you want to move away from Alfresco One/Enterprise for the above reasons.

With Loftux offerings, you can still use the same and familiar Alfresco features for a far lesser cost than you used to pay.

Top reasons why you should pick LXCommunity built on top of Alfresco Community edition.

  • No license cost, you simply pay a reduced yearly fee.
  • Licensing does not depend on the number of cores, and scaling doesn't cost extra.
  • Uses the latest search servers available in Alfresco Community and delivers faster search results.
  • Faster overall performance.
  • Less expensive support agreements and minimal installation costs.

Apart from the top reasons, you get these benefits too.

  • Migrating from Alfresco Enterprise to LXCommunity is swift.
  • Discounts on Loftux built Alfresco Add-ons!
  • Lesser bugs and issues with fixes from Alfresco Community and Loftux AB

Alfresco is the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product based on open source. The company behind the product, also named Alfresco, is based in London, initiated the development in 2005, and since then in addition to creating a great product, created a great user community.

Alfresco versions overview

This is an overview list of Alfresco versions. It lists both the Loftux releases and releases by Alfresco (the company) and their compatibility between versions.