Alfresco Demo

Try our add-ons and Alfresco offering for FREE

Test Alfresco - Online Demo

We will provide an online demo site in Alfresco for a limited time use without any cost.

Once you are provided with the demo site, you can also invite your colleagues and try out most of our add-ons.

Fill in the form below and let us know that you are interested in a Demo Site, and if you want a walkthrough. It's even better if you can give us an idea of your needs and why you are looking at Alfresco or a particular add-on for your organisation. 

Why is there a walkthrough? Do I have to pay?

We understand that it is easier to evaluate if someone shows you how to get started when evaluating a product.

We can provide the walkthrough for FREE with an online meeting.

What's available on the Demo server

On the demo server, we have additionally installed the following modules for your evaluation.

About the Test site

The evaluation will give you and your team the opportunity to try Alfresco without any limitations.

It will also have most of our add-ons installed so that you can test them in full.

It runs on an up to date Alfresco build so that you can get a feel for the performance that it gives.