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Breakfast seminar Alfresco Content Management 24 November

nov 07 2011

Categories : Events

Redpill Linpro is hosting a breakfast seminar about Content Management with Alfresco the 24 November in Stockholm.
Besides presentations about workflows with Activiti, Alfresco Mobile, and integration with CMIS, I (Peter Löfgren) will give you the latest take aways from DevCon 9-10 November.
All presenations in Swedish unless otherwise noted.

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Alfresco multilingual properties – feature or bug?

oct 30 2011

Categories : Notes

Many of you that use Alfresco is probably not aware of that Alfresco has built in support for multilingual properties. Out of the box Alfresco use this for Title and Description, but only for those two. What this means for documents is that if you are logged into Share as a user with en_US locale preferences and create a document with title “My English Title” and description “My English description”, then a user with sv_SE (as in swedish) updates the properties to title “My Swedish Title” and description “My Swedish description”, any user with en_US will still see the original text, sv_SE user will see the “translated” Swedish text. For this to happen you do not need to have that language pack installed. To test this I recommend Firefox with the plugin Quick Locale Switcher.

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Use Alfresco as a portal for web applications

oct 26 2011

Categories : Tips and Tricks

Many of my customers has asked for a simple way to add existing web based applications to Alfresco, so that Alfresco is their main gateway to all applications. I have done this for them by customizing the Share Header to add menu links, and then by using an iframe. By using an iframe, you still have access to all Alfresco menus for easy navigation. Not all applications are iframe friendly, so those you can add as links that open in a separate window. And yes, putting application in an iframe is not true integration and does note make Alfresco a true portal, but for almost no cost at all it does add value.