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Themes for Alfresco Share

sep 17 2013

Categories : Products and Add-ons

With the release of 4.2.d we got an all new menu bar, and with that a new theme that is ” progress towards a lighter looking, more modern UI experience.” (Kevin Roast blog post). And I agree, it is a more modern UI experience. But I just had to add some color to it. Here you have 5 variants. Click on thumbnails for larger view.

Tags : share, theme, tema, css

Alfresco Ubuntu install script

aug 06 2013

Categories : Products and Add-ons, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

I have created a script that will help you set up an Alfresco server instance with all necessary third party components.
Some will be installed via Ubuntu packages, some directly downloaded. The script will walk you through the process. In the end, there will be some manual tasks to complete the installation.

Tags : ubuntu, installation, bash, script

Alfresco Stockholm Meetup – Release of Manual Manager

may 07 2013

Categories : Announcements, Products and Add-ons

On Monday the 6 may the first Alfresco Meetup in Sweden was held in Stockholm. It was a great event with good speakers, Carl Nordenfelt (Redpill Linpro) told about Alfresco best practices, Barbara Lemke (Alfresco) showed Alfresco Workdesk, Jeff Potts talked about the Alfresco API, the one you can use to make your applications Alfresco Cloud aware.

Tags : manual manager, markdown, alfresco, add-on