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Alfresco Google Docs integration – not very usable for advanced formatting

feb 17 2013

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I have done some tests using the new Google Docs (Google Drive) integration in Alfresco 4.2. You can se all on how it works in this video created by Jeff Potts, Alfresco.
The Alfresco engineers has all done a great job here, and I would love to use this as my primary way of editing office documents. If it were not for what the actual output of the advanced formatted documents look like.

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Media Viewers – extending Alfresco viewer capability

dec 03 2012

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I’ve been working together with Will Abson on Share Extras and the Media Viewers project. Will has previously introduced this addon in this post. So now I’m going to give you the option for some hands on using the new Quick Share feature of Alfresco 4.2 (this is running 4.2.c from HEAD). Thats the main focus of this post, I’m not going into details about how to do configuration, you can information about that on the Media Viewers web, and on Wills blog. What I refer to below as Viewers by different names are specific implementations included in the Media Viewers package.

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Replace Alfresco standard Flash viewer with pdf.js

jan 08 2012

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Have you noticed that the flash based previews in Alfresco 4.0 looks a bit blurry? Then you are correct, it is not your vision that’s failing, they really are. This is due to change settings for pdf2swf program (that create the flash) to make it more reliable for large pdfs, and for certain pdfs it could crash the jvm completely. So there was a good reason for the change.The image above shows the difference between the settings. Details can be found in this issue ALF-10870. This issue is now closed as won’t fix, something I do not agree with. It would have been better to postpone the fix for 4.0.x (or any later version) if there is no immediate resolution, because a fix is needed, no one wants previews that makes Alfresco look like an inferior product (that it absolutely not is) on first impression.

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