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Alfresco Ubuntu install script

aug 06 2013

Categories : Products and Add-ons, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

I have created a script that will help you set up an Alfresco server instance with all necessary third party components.
Some will be installed via Ubuntu packages, some directly downloaded. The script will walk you through the process. In the end, there will be some manual tasks to complete the installation.

Tags : ubuntu, installation, bash, script

Select metadata edit form based on aspect

may 04 2012

Categories : Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

For a client I needed to come up with a solution to use a specific metadata edit form when the document had a certain aspect applied. Reason was that that if it had this aspect, you should only be allowed to edit this subset of metadata, not the default name, title etc (sort of a lockdown). Out of the box you can only configure different forms based on document type so I needed to find a way to see if the document had the aspect applied, and if so show a special form.

Tags : share, forms, surf

Disable a page in Alfresco Share

jun 23 2011

Categories : Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

You have successfully installed Alfresco Share and now you want to expose Share on internet so that you can collaborate with external users. But you do not want them to access certain pages, like the repository page, for whatever reason you have. First thing you do is to remove the button or menu from the toolbar, having looked at the instructions found on the wiki about Share Header.

Tags : share, security, säkerhet