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Introducing Symbolic Linking for LXCommunity ECM

aug 24 2017

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Today we are introducing our time-tested Symbolic Linking module as a built-in with LXCommunity ECM. Previously it was available through Loftux as a separate module for our existing customers.

The module adds the following functionalities to Alfresco Share.

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Announcing the Zoomable Image Viewer for Alfresco

jan 19 2015

Categories : Announcements, Products and Add-ons

Starting today,  you can view beautiful high-resolution images inside Alfresco without any delay using our new and amazing Alfresco Image Previewer.

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Alfresco Stockholm Meetup – Release of Manual Manager

may 07 2013

Categories : Announcements, Products and Add-ons

On Monday the 6 may the first Alfresco Meetup in Sweden was held in Stockholm. It was a great event with good speakers, Carl Nordenfelt (Redpill Linpro) told about Alfresco best practices, Barbara Lemke (Alfresco) showed Alfresco Workdesk, Jeff Potts talked about the Alfresco API, the one you can use to make your applications Alfresco Cloud aware.

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