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Alfresco CIFS – Windows 2008 leaking SMB sessions

feb 27 2012

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One of the strengths with Alfresco is the many ways you can interact with the repository, getting information in and out of the repository not only using the web client, but also with protocol such as imap, ftp nfs, webdav, and cifs. But taking a protocol such as cifs (before 1996 known as smb) that is non-versioning network file system and apply it to a versionable repository such as Alfresco you are on to a tough journey. I have been dealing more with cifs for many of my clients than I ever would have wanted, but I understand client that wish to use Alfresco via cifs. Their end users can just continue editing document the way they are used to and avoiding the extra steps of download/upload that the web client like Share requires.

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